It’s launch day!


welcome to whitesspace connections

Had you been eavesdropping on me for the last several weeks, you would have heard me say out loud with a squeal of delight, “I am SO EXCITED!”

Full of anticipation as we inched toward the Finish Line and this launch, I was like a child who could not wait for Christmas! And today is the day! 

I am glad that we are here together reaching across the miles virtually for the next page or so.   Thanks for being here, because without you to read and listen, what would be the point of all the work that built up to this day?

I must confess that while I felt the great anticipation of the site going live, today is the first day I became equally excited about this first communication with you. 

Often overlooked gifts that keep on giving

I’ve decided to begin my first series of posts with the subject of gifts, and how the most precious ones just keep on giving.

Three gifts in one: Something for Everyone. From our series: Five Gifts that keep on giving.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll share several of my favorite gifts with you. Perhaps I need to specify what I mean by “gifts”.  These are not physical gifts, mind you, but the ones that are right in front of our noses each and every day.

Seeing the Gift in every moment

To clarify, I am not the provider of the gift; I am simply the conduit of an invitation to us both to notice the gifts right before our very eyes…those given in the past as well as evident in the present. 

The invitation is to consider a worldview that sees a gift in every moment, day and person. 

Along this line of thinking, I remember a friend recounting to me a magnificent sunset she had seen that week that her companion at the time could not see because the sun was blinding her just then.  My friend turned, sunglasses extended to her companion and said, “Here. Use my glasses, then you will see.”  Perhaps that is part of my invitation to you.  “Here. Use my glasses for now, then you will see.”

And the gift that you return to me is that in the writing meant to be a gift to you, here it comes back to bless me too. We are indeed sharing gifts that keep on giving.

Thank you! I look forward to unwrapping the five gifts that keep on giving, beginning in just a few days.

Stay tuned for Day One!

Joyce White