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faith and practice in new ways.



We want people of faith to have the option of pursuing faith-integrated personal and leadership development in the same way that secular people get to pursue secular personal and leadership development.

If you are a person of faith or a faith-focused organization, we invite you to learn more about our work.



James 1:5, Psalm 32:8, and Phil. 4:8.


Though professionally qualified and experienced to fulfill the role of mentor, we rely on prayer, Scripture, and divine inspiration to accomplish what no mere mortal could accomplish in this work.

  • We rely on prayer for wisdom to know what each client needs (James 1:5).

  • We rely on God to be true to His promises--to instruct us and teach us in the way we and the client should go, counseling us with His eye upon us. (Psalm 32:8)

  • We encourage each client to diligently cultivate their thought life as instructed by the Apostle Paul. (Philippians 4:8)



“I began work with Joyce when our company was thriving financially and wanted to create a caring workplace rooted in family and Christian values that always put team members first.

Joyce led us to an overall mindset of the company with culturally-significant themes:

  • Progress, not perfection.

  • If I want change, I need to change. If we want change, we need to change.

  • Let’s focus on how far we’ve come and not how far we fell short.

Joyce helped plant the seeds that dramatically shifted our culture. Her work quickly became fundamental in how we were growing as individuals and as a team, both during and beyond the work day. 

Joyce sparked in us a new identity engrained in our deeply-held values, which lead to greater collaboration internally and with our customers.

The seeds planted by Joyce in that organization continue to bear fruit in the company and in my personal and professional life."

Kevin Bertleff, Project Manager, Specialty Signage and Construction


Faith & Practice Offerings:

In our work together, we will help you find clarity of purpose and direction. We provide a safe and grace-filled place to grow and thrive in your desire to practice a faith-integrated work life.

Starting Points include:

Listen to This Voice

As people of faith, we believe that God wants to live His Life in us and through us.  With this clear process and guidance, learn to listen together for His Voice and His call to live that life even more fully.

Letters to God

When you retrieve a handwritten note or letter from your mailbox, do you feel the delight of receiving and the anticipation of reading “real mail”? When you read the contents, do you sense the presence of the writer in the very room with you?  Learn to use letter writing as just such a forum for engaging with God in this very personal way.

Titus 2

Whether an individual or church family, you want to honor the Titus 2 instruction that older men and women  model and embody Godly character and pass these on to the younger generation. 

Who feels equipped to reach such a high bar? Besides, we’re often not sure the younger generation really wants our help.

Whether for one individual or a group, we can guide this process.

360 Degree Feedback

Proverbs says that the wise person seeks the counsel of others and responds to their instruction and correction.  Pastor, church, businessman or woman, spouses, volunteers can all benefit from inviting feedback in a structured way through formal and informal methods.  We assist both individuals and groups in securing and responding to feedback.

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

Perhaps it is time for a booster shot to renew and encourage the heart and spirit of your staff or church body.  Maybe it’s time to dig into a skill gap like conflict resolution or forgiveness  prevalent in many church staffs and congregations alike. 

We custom design and facilitate such engagements.

“It says in Titus that the older women should help the younger women and we need your help!”

“It says in Titus that the older women should help the younger women and we need your help!”


Undivided personal attention.