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get clear and move forward.


"I was a burnt out frontline manager and had removed myself from the career growth track. Then I met Joyce in a life-changing coaching session.  

She helped me tap into small practical tips like deep breathing. I rediscovered those things that bring me balance.

Joyce helped me remember my why, why I wanted to be a leader in the first place.

I have fallen back on these invaluable skills time and time again on my leadership journey."

Abby Knowles, VP, Verizon Network and Technology


Work-life Offerings:

The WHITESSPACE Methodology
is at the heart of our work-life coaching and mentoring.  In the work-life setting, the methodology follows a predictable path:

  • Start by stopping to pause & take stock

  • Discover personal and/or group needs & wants

  • With knowledge gained, brainstorm & collaborate new options

  • Create and declare plan of action

  • Implement training & coaching to address gaps

  • Guidance, encouragement & accountability are utilized throughout the process.

Often work-life clients turn to us for their ongoing growth and development requirements for their leaders, employees and teams. 


Starting points include:

Deliver and Receive Constructive Feedback
Skillful, constructive delivery paired with receptivity to hearing feedback, fosters a true competitive advantage in any culture. We have a reputation for practicing these skills and cultivating them in others. 

Implementation Mentoring
Statistics prove that sustained change is dramatically improved with ongoing guidance, encouragement, and accountability provided within a mentor coaching relationship.  We provide these engagements for both individuals and groups.

Enhance Communication
Communication is the single most sought after result within and between teams in any organization.  We create the right forums and share proven methods to achieve this objective.

“We navigated that pivotal point in life, work, and ministry.”

“We navigated that pivotal point in life, work, and ministry.”

In certain seasons, life involves the end of one chapter and beginning of another.  The space between what’s gone before and what lies ahead is unfamiliar territory for individuals, teams, and organizations. 

Changes in leadership, status, ownership, employment often require significant adjustment, adaptation, and learning. We help guide through these uncharted waters.

Pivotal Points
We often stand at a crossroads, a pivotal point in life, work or ministry.  This is an ideal time to enlist the aid of a seasoned coach to add a new set of eyes to our situation.  Suddenly we see new perspective and options invisible to our eyes alone. Relevant to both individual and organizational change points and thresholds.



Undivided personal attention.