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"Prior to meeting Joyce I was trying to figure out what I wanted in life and how to reach my goals.  Joyce helped me figure out what made me tick and the history behind all my genetic wiring. 

Once we figured out where I developed all my traits and what was important to me, we began creating goals in which I wanted to attain as a father, husband, leader, worker and spiritually.  

When we set my goals and dated them she helped me put a plan in place on how to reach my goals.  We created a total of 19 long term and short term goals. 

To this day I have completed 7 out of 10 long term goals and  7 out of 9 short term goals. 

Joyce has helped catapult my life in all aspects of my life/career.   I have realized what truly matters in my life and the ways to keep completing additional goals I have in life.   

Joyce is not only a coach, mentor, researcher, spiritual leader but a great friend and I would recommend her to anyone or any business that might need help achieving their goals and dreams."

Mike McCormack, Program Operations Manager, Brand Identity


For Individuals

WHITESSPACE provides the space and expertise to help smart people grow and develop. The common thread for many is that they want something more. More time, balance, self-control;  greater vitality, sense of purpose or fulfillment, better communication.  Typically, they stand at a threshold, ready for something new, looking for guidance to clarify their direction and help craft their unique path forward.

Starting points include:

Life by Design
This is your opportunity to consider your life’s important moments, people, and experiences, gain insight and clarity into what matters most to you, and design and implement a plan to focus your attention and enhance your forward movement.

Life by Design provides a panoramic view of your peak life experiences and the significant people in your life who have shaped you. You’ll use this information to help you understand your unique values, motivations, and purpose.  You gain clarity into what satisfies you and observe any gaps between your current and desired life.

We partner with you to design and implement a plan to gain and sustain traction in the direction that is a unique and satisfying fit for you.

Life by Design can be delivered in parts or whole—this seems important to some people who want an appetizer meal vs. full course. 


“I got clear on 19 short and long term goals and nailed 14 already!”

“I got clear on 19 short and long term goals and nailed 14 already!”

“We learned to play!”

“We learned to play!”

Couples Communication
Most of us really want to be the best, most considerate, loving person with our loved one.  We also long for certain behaviors and words from them as well.   

Understanding one another’s needs and being responsive to them is an area that requires attention and prioritization in a world of competing demands. This offering is available to either or both individuals seeking to enrich their relationship and communication.

Implementation Mentoring
Statistics prove that sustained change is dramatically improved with ongoing guidance, encouragement, and accountability provided within a mentor coaching relationship.  One on one implementation mentoring supports and reinforces significant changes you want to undertake.

Many new clients arrive with a clear sense of what matters most to them, and are seeking guidance and support in achieving those goals.

Others are certain they want to enter a professional mentoring relationship, and look to us to begin the process of discovery with them.


Undivided personal attention.